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web site hacked!

Sorry about the web site being down for the last few days.  It was hacked!  The site is built in Wordpress and one of the plugins it uses had a security vulnerability. Anyway, I have managed to sort it all out. So if you are looking for guitar lessons, I am still here and ready…
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Which guitar to buy?

Which Guitar should I buy? One of the most common questions I am asked by budding new guitarists is "which guitar should I buy?" Some more experienced guitarists also ask for advice when pondering a new guitar. The first question to ask yourself is - What type of music do you wish to play? There are…
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from White Stripes to Juan Martin in one evening

I love the variety of music I get to teach. Yesterday, I started with some basic electric guitar soloing techniques. Then, we moved to the solo from the White Stripes' "Ball and Biscuit". Now, this was an interesting solo to transcribe given that the rhythm is 12:8, but the count of 4 would make it…
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