Q How much are your guitar lessons
A It depends on whether you come here to my studio, choose online lessons are ask me to come to your home. My current prices are £25 per hour for lessons here and via Skype, £30 for home visits.
Q  Where are the lessons?
A  I have my teaching room here at my home near Langport, Somerset.  I also offer online guitar lessons via Skype and can travel to your home as well
Q How young can a student begin?
A  Really, there are no age limits when it comes to beginning to learn music.  However, I prefer to take students from the age of 9 upwards.
Q What guitar should I buy for a beginner?
A  It really depends on your circumstances and what kind of music you would like to learn. Most beginners have to learn the same basic skills whether learning electric, acoustic or classical. There are plenty of budget electric, acoustic and classical guitars available and these can be bought online or in a shop. What I generally recommend is that you go to a shop and find a guitar that is comfortable.
Q Do you teach classical and flamenco guitar?
A  Yes, I teach classical and flamenco guitar.  However, my flamenco knowledge is fairly basic, so I can only teach flamenco to a fairly simple level.
Q Do I have to read music?
A  No, much of the music in the rock and pop world is written in chord sheets and Tablature.  However, it is a useful skill and I can teach this if you want to learn how to read music. If you want a career in music, then the answer is yes, you need to be able not only to read music but to sight read. It is mooted that Brian May, having performed for years with Queen, had to learn to read music to play as a session musician. I don’t know if it’s true but it’s a good story.
Q How many lessons does it take before I’ll be able to play?
A  An often asked question and the answer really is that it depends. The more time you find to play, the quicker you will learn. It is much like any new skill, it takes time to teach the muscles the new movements. The key is how much you practice.
Q How often should I have lessons?
A  For up to 13, I usually recommend a 30 minute lesson on a weekly basis. For 13 and over, an hour on a fortnightly basis works well.  I can also accommodate random lessons, where you can ring and book as and when you are available.
Q Should I sit exams?
A  That is entirely up to you. Exams do motivate people to practice those bits that sometimes get neglected, such as scales, arpeggios and music theory. They also provide a target and immense satisfaction when you pass (as all my students have done to date)
Q How much practice should I do?
A  There is no real fixed answer to this question. The more you practice, the faster you will progress. I would say that anything less than an average of 10 minutes a day will lead to slow progress. It’s also better to practice often, rather than cramming it all into one big session. Our muscles start to forget learned movements about 5-6 days after they were last used.
Q Do I need to own a guitar before I start?
A  Not really, but you will need to have one to practice on. I can lend you one during the lesson.
Q Why should I learn music theory
A  It really helps with your ability to understand music and also to talk to other musicians in a language they understand. Also, from about grade 5 (performance) upwards, it becomes really hard to understand what you need to do without a good grounding in music theory.
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