Guitar Lessons Thornhill

adrian guitar teacherGuitar Lessons Thornhill, Dumfriesshire

I am an experienced, RGT registered guitar teacher offering guitar lessons in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire.

I offer guitar and bass lessons in most styles, including rock, pop and blues, country, classical and acoustic.

I have been playing the guitar since 1970, as amateur and semi-pro, and have acquired a high level of skill that I can pass on to you.

I hold the DipLCM(TD) Diploma in Electric Guitar Teaching awarded by the London School of Music. I am fully CRB checked and can provide the certification on request.

I live in Auchenstroan, near Moniaive, Dumfriesshire.

Guitar Lessons Thornhill at all levels

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can be assured of acquiring new techniques and improvement in all aspects of guitar playing, in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. All lessons are prepared on an individual basis and all teaching materials are provided. Furthermore, I only teach individual lessons, as this ensures the most rapid progress possible.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

For those of you drawn to the acoustic guitar, I can teach you how to play this too.  I incorporate ideas from the RGT acoustic syllabus along with songs of your choice.  As for other styles, I also include a grounding in music theory so that you can learn the chords and scales as well as the techniques you need to become an accomplished acoustic guitar player.

Rock Guitar Lessons

I teach rock guitar to all levels.  Having played in rock bands, I can teach most styles, from Metallica to Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden to The Eagles. I generally follow the RGT Rock syllabus but also support the RGT Electric Guitar and Rock School syllabuses.  The approach combines use of these syllabuses with songs you want to play.  I also show you how the songs are constructed, the scales and chords used and how to improvise so that you can create your own rhythms and guitar solos.

Blues Guitar Lessons

I teach blues guitar to all levels.  Whether it’s Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green or Gary Moore, I can help you learn and improve your blues guitar. As for rock guitar, I use some of the electric guitar syllabus but also rely on my extensive collection of music.  The approach combines a grounding in blues techniques with songs you want to play.  I also show you how  blues intros, solos, riffs, licks and turnarounds combine to make blues songs along with the scales and chords used.  As for all styles, I can teach you how to improvise so that you can create your own rhythms and guitar solos.

Classical Guitar Lessons

After 30 odd years playing electric guitar professionally, I found myself drawn to the world of classical guitar and now teach this too.  I follow the RGT Classical Guitar syllabus but also support the ABRSM and Trinity Classical syllabuses.  I also can teach basic flamenco.

Bass Guitar Lessons

If bass is your thing, then I can teach you how to master the bass guitar.  Again, I follow the RGT bass guitar syllabus combined with songs of your choice.  As well as technique, you will learn how to plays scales and arpeggios and how to use these to create interesting and dynamic bass lines.

Guitar Performance Exams

For those of you interested in in achieving grades, I have extensive experience of putting students forward for grade exams at all levels and in all disciplines.  All my students have passed their exams and most achieve merits and even distinctions. I bass my teaching around the RGT exams, but will also support students who wish to apply for exams via Rock School, Trinity and the ABRSM.

Music Theory

I teach music theory.  My preference is to teach the ABRSM syllabus for music theory as guitarists are musicians first and guitarists second.  Learning music means they can communicate easily with other musicians (as ABRSM is the standard).  I will also coach people through RGT theory if asked.

I usually insist that students at grade 6 and above incorporate music theory into their lessons (you need it, believe me).


Having performed at venues from small pubs and back gardens through to theatre, I can advise and coach on stagecraft.  Setting up, equipment and how to perform (as opposed to just standing there playing). Avoid looking like a startled rabbit and learn how to perform live. It;s worth it – it’s great fun.

Learn the songs you want to play

I offer a  transcription service. This means I can write out music (and TAB) for any song you wish to play.  So,  you can be taught to play the music you prefer, even though it may not be commercially available.

I also have a huge resource bank of music, techniques and theory which is available to every student.

Contact Me

So, if you are interested in lessons with me, or want more details about lesson availability and fees, please contact me via my contact page or by phone on 01848 200571.