Music Theory

Music Theory Lessons are available at my home studio, via Skype or at your home

Music Theory lessons will be really helpful to you, whatever instrument you play.

  • a better understanding of music, for example what musical keys are about and how chords are constructed
  • better able to talk to other musicians. All musicians learn music theory as a matter of course, it just seems to the world of pop music that tries to avoid it
  • easier to work out and transcribe music
  • better marks at grade exams
  • ability to play tunes in guitar magazines and books much more easily

and much, much more!

I uses, as my basis, the ABRSM books as these are the standard for all musicians.  I will also use material from the RGT syllabus that is helpful to guitarists.

What do I need for my Music Theory Lessons

An open mind – music theory is actually quite interesting and can even be fun.

The books for the preferred syllabus (I can provide these or tell you where it is best to purchase them)

And that’s it!

What Will I Cover in my Music Theory Lessons

As I said above, I follow the ABRSM syllabus and so cover all aspects of music theory including

  • musical notation
  • scales and arpeggios
  • chords
  • transposing music from one key to another
  • writing music
  • reading music
  • melody and harmony
  • rhythm
  • musical terms
  • exam preparation


Music Theory Exams

I will be happy to put you forward for music theory exams from the ABRSM, RGT or Trinity Guildhall.

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