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from White Stripes to Juan Martin in one evening

I love the variety of music I get to teach. Yesterday, I started with some basic electric guitar soloing techniques. Then, we moved to the solo from the White Stripes’ “Ball and Biscuit”. Now, this was an interesting solo to transcribe given that the rhythm is 12:8, but the count of 4 would make it a sort of 24:16, so I ended up writing it in 4:4 using triplets. It’s also complicated by the fact that it’s played with slide guitar, but my student is not using a slide.

Then, later in the evening, I find myself teaching Spanish classical guitar and flamenco, specifically a Rumba written by Juan Martin and published in an edition of Guitar Techniques I have on file. It’s basically written around Em and Am chords, but the extensions used, the minor 9ths, 7ths and 6ths give it a really great sound.  And some of the chords are finger contortions, even for me.  It’s all good practice.

The latter student is looking to maybe learn Classical Gas next, excellent choice. It’s also one of the pieces I am most often asked to play (along with Hotel California!).

Happy guitar playing 🙂


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  1. Great player Juan Martin.
    As a Spaniard who just moved in Somerset a year ago, and an intermediate flamenco guitar player, just happened that I came across your website and found very interesting.

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